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The American Songster Jamaican Wood Bones are handmade by Jeff Menzies and designed by Dom Flemons to suit his personal playing preferences. Plus, the bones are great for beginners and advanced players of all ages. This percussion instrument can be used in jam sessions, on stage, in the recording studio, or at home by adding an extra rhythmic flair to any style of music.

Each pair is crafted out of local Caribbean woods in Jamaica and each pair is made with great care to optimize tonal qualities and comfort.

*Available in blue mahoe, almond and sweetwood.

Please message us directly to let us know your wood selections.

The pricing includes worldwide shipping.

*If you are interested in learning how to play the bones and are need of a lesson email Dom Flemons at to schedule a session. Check out the “How to Play Bones” on Dom’s YouTube channel to learn more:

The American Songster Jamaican Wood Bones

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